Illinois Appeals Attorney Robert G. Black

Written briefs are the most important part of any appeal. This is where both the appellant and appellee can present their arguments for why a trial judgment should be reversed or upheld. In many cases, the appellate panel will rule on an appeal based solely on the written briefs. In these cases, oral arguments are not permitted. Consequently, it’s crucial to file well-researched and supported briefs for your appeal, as the appellate court’s decision may depend on them.

Writing Briefs for Appeals

There are numerous rules that must be followed when writing an appellate brief. These rules are not suggestions; they must be followed precisely. Employing the services of an experienced appellate attorney like Attorney Robert G. Black will ensure that your appellate briefs are properly prepared.

In most appeals there are three (3) written briefs. These include:

  • The opening brief -- Written by the representation for the appellant. Includes statements of fact from the trial as well as the arguments for reversal.
  • The responsive brief -- Written by the representation for the appellee. Includes arguments for why the decision should be upheld.
  • The reply brief -- Written by the representation for the appellant. Rebuts points made by the appellee in the responsive brief.

All of these briefs reference the original trial record and cite relevant case law to support arguments. Only those arguments included in the opening brief or responsive brief may be argued in the reply brief, in oral arguments or in a petition for rehearing. Appellate attorneys only have one chance to present the strongest argument for their side. As such, it’s important to hire an appellate attorney who is practiced in writing briefs and strategizing for appeals.

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